Industries Served

We provide Automation Engineering, Automation, Electrical Services, and Technology Solutions to the Upstream (Production), Midstream, Renewables, ESG/Energy Transition, Utilities & Infrastructure, Materials Manufacturing, and Industrial Construction & Engineering industry sectors.

Energy Segments Served

Upstream - Production

Superior historically existed exclusively in this space, as an OFS company, with support to Production related activity. Despite aggressive industry diversification activities, Superior continues to embrace and thrive in the Upstream Production environment. We provide embedded Automation and I&E technicians, conduct OPEX and maintenance activity support, and engage in large scale CAPEX development projects such as Production facility and SWD construction.  Our customers include most of the majors operating in the Permian and Delaware, as well as many large and medium sized independents.


Superior continues to expand its same service offerings to the Midstream space. We steadily increase our market share with the major pipeline owners and operators throughout TX and NM. We provide embedded measurement technicians, as well as OPEX and CAPEX project support to the Integrity Maintenance, Reliability, and Operations groups via our Automation and Electrical & Instrumentation services.

Renewables / Clean Energy

Texas installed the most land-based wind capacity in US in 2021. 20% of TX electricity comes from the nation-leading 50+ wind sites, and further growth is expected. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Texas are expected to increase exponentially over the next few years. Solar farms continue to grow as well. Superior is actively expanding our market share to support these efforts with our Automation and Electrical & Instrumentation services, including EV charging station construction for one of the major market movers in that space, and automating Solar panels during their fabrication.

Industrial Segments Served

Utilities & Infrastructure

Superior’s Automation and Electrical & Instrumentation services provide direct support to the Utilities & Infrastructure space.  We partner with small municipalities and their EPCs, as they overcome the challenges posed by suburban growth to their current capacity.  From power and water to waste-water treatment plants and facilities, Superior has a proven track record in providing guidance, integrating and automating systems, and working side by side with the EPC to improve the support to the impacted community

Materials Manufacturing

Our same Automation and Electrical & Instrumentation/Controls services are also value add to the fabrication and materials manufacturing facilities throughout TX, OK, and NM.  Increasingly, cement, asphalt, rock, gravel, and dirt reclamation facilities are incorporating automation and technology into their operations.  Additionally, food production facilities are an increased opportunity.  We provide support across our range of turn-key solutions to improve safety, data analytics, and efficient production by these facilities.

Industrial Construction & Engineering

Per Bloomberg, Texas is poised to become the crypto-mining capital of the US in 2022.  These crypto-mines power their own activities, but also act as an emergency excess power reserves for grids such as ERCOT, in the event of a storm.  Superior provides support to Industrial & Technology construction, engineering, and maintenance with our turn-key Automation, Controls, and Electrical & Instrumentation services.  From Demand Response to I&E construction on crypto-mines in WTX, Superior has a proven track record of success in this Industrial sub-sector.

ESG & Energy Transition Efforts supported throughout our customer base

ESG & Energy Transition efforts run throughout each of these industry verticals, as each uses technology and automation services to decrease carbon footprint and operate within EPA compliance standards for Clean Air & Emissions.  Superior is passionate about supporting these efforts

As an Energy & Industrial Service provider, we leverage strong internal synergies to deliver turn-key solutions across a wide array of industries throughout Texas, NM and the Southwest US. Our capabilities include embedded technicians, design, I&E construction and project management, panel manufacturing, installation/commissioning, system integration, maintenance, repair, and capital project support. The world is becoming increasingly automated.  We help our customers connect with their field assets to obtain better visibility and analytics

Connecting Solutions, Value, and Performance

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