As Superior Optimization, we strive to create a culture and environment that people want to be a part of.

Open Positions

We are actively seeking employees who meet our cultural goals and who think and act in a disciplined manner, while also thinking independently, innovating continuously, and taking the initiative to accomplish our goals.

We offer market competitive compensation and benefits programs, as well as offer Company sponsored career path training/cross-training as part of our Employee Development Program. We do this to attract, but more importantly, retain and reward team members to be part of our long-term growth story and help us accomplish our business objectives as a team.

Current Openings for Automation & Instrumentation Technicians and Apprentice & Journeyman Electricians in Texas.  Send your resume or contact us at: Applications

Culture First and Foremost

The right Culture is the foundation for organizational success. We believe that people are our most important asset, and that if we invest in our people, they will accomplish the mission.

Our success is based on delivering the highest quality work and solutions with exceptional customer service for over 20 years. By establishing a culture of discipline, excellence, and accountability, and hiring for fit, we attract the right high-quality employees. We hire for the “will”, the “values”, the ability to achieve the “results”, and then the right “skills”. In doing so, we continue to build a strong and resilient team, focused on upholding our culture and living our core values daily.

Cultural Goals

Be an organization that others want to work for with a fun, respectful, collaborative and focused atmosphere.

Foster a culture of accountability, excellence and sales focused customer service​.

Build the Team. People are our most important asset. We succeed or fail as a team. We need disciplined people, with disciplined thoughts and actions.

Hold leaders accountable through coaching and mentoring. Inspect what you Expect.

Learn from mistakes but do not tolerate negative or team/reputation damaging behavior. Mistakes made from effort and trying can be learned from and corrected. Mistakes due to negligence, laziness, or poor attitude are damaging to our culture, reputation, and customers.

Keep leadership informed. Bad news does not get better with age. Follow our communication policies to ensure information flows through the team.

Make decisions that are legal, moral, and ethical, which benefit the company. The health and wellbeing of the company guide our decisions, not personal comfort.

Everyone on the team gets a voice. Seniority does not have a monopoly on good ideas. However, once the decision has been made, get on board, and get aligned.

Be Brilliant in the Basics. Amateurs practice until they get it right, but Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong. Capability Equals Performance On-Demand.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Our goal is to safely, effectively, and profitably run our business so that every member of our team returns home to their families when the job is complete.

Stay focused on the goal. Keep the team engaged, aligned, and properly incentivized. Do not let the highs get us too high or lows get us too low.

Foster a sense of pride and ownership in the brand​. Sales is a daily activity, and everyone is in sales, from the field on up to the top.

Work hard and be professional. Take care of each other. Be just 1% better today than yesterday.

As an Energy & Industrial Service provider, we leverage strong internal synergies to deliver turn-key solutions across a wide array of industries throughout Texas, NM and the Southwest US. Our capabilities include embedded technicians, design, I&E construction and project management, panel manufacturing, installation/commissioning, system integration, maintenance, repair, and capital project support. The world is becoming increasingly automated.  We help our customers connect with their field assets to obtain better visibility and analytics

Connecting Solutions, Value, and Performance

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